Airport Security & Cell Phones

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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 08:19:36 PST

This has all the makings of an urban legend. I can
see all the cop shows now, they just plant cell phones
on people instead of guns. 8-) I can see the hassles
at the airports already. Heck, when I was entering the UK,
they'd never seen a Nokia 8890 before and wanted all sorts
of flashing screens and hoopla. Yes, it does fire 4 .22 caliber


> Will Affect Travelers
> Airport authorities across Europe are implementing systems to
> X-ray all cell phones, those procedures will likely be followed
> by airports around the world.
> “This is just one more item that we need to pay special
> attention to because nowadays, of course just about every
> passenger carries a mobile phone,” says the spokesman for
> Frankfurt airport security.
> Customs officials in the U.S. say their safety procedure has
> normally been to require travelers to turn their phones on,
> however that may no longer be enough. Cell phone users will
> have to be made aware that reaching for their phones in some
> circumstances could be misinterpreted as a threat by
> authorities.

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