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From: Rahul Dave (
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 12:28:19 PST

Dont forget
the cygnus win32 tools
bash grep ls gcc and all the goodies.
Once you've used a unix shell you cant use!

I mention these as you are a Linux user

If you are a developer, or scripter type:
python with win32-COM additions
xemacs-win32 edition if you are a emacs type
miktex(for tex)
gvim or vim if you are a vi type.

With these apps I can actually live in windows.

Recently i've been putting groove..and you may want to consider Radio if you
maintain a frontier weblog and such.
I got this from you:
> --]
> --]W2K SP1
> --]O2K SP1
> --]IE 5.5
> --]Adobe Acrobat
> --]RealPlayer
> --]WinAmp
> --]WinZip
> --]WebWasher
> --]Quicktime
> --]Norton Anti-Virus
> --]PowerDVD
> --]XML Spy
> --]HTML-Kit
> --]GhostScript
> --]
> For a good alternative to OS2k thats semifree try
> Other warez i would add to the list
> NewbinPro For usenet fishing that is amazingly bountiful
> Zope For web goodness and server fun
> GIMP Sure its a ver or two behind the *nix
> package, but it still rocks
> DreamWeaver If you have to colab on web pages then this
> is the tool (the UltraDev ver gets two thumbs up)
> OPera Still my fave gui browser
> NoteTab THe text editor on steriods
> Lynx For text browsing( i wish Links had a win port)
> FLask Turns DVDs into cd sized niggets of goodness
> ZoneAlarm The amazingly usefull watchdog/mini firewall app
> Things I would avoid REAL Real player real center real real real
> fucking pains in my ass. Fuck em , Uninstall and ad on the winzip real
> plugin. On rare occasion do I get a use for Real Plaeyer, then i bite the
> bullet long enough to view and unistall or Convert the file fomrat.
> Good calls on Web washer (which is on every machine i touch as is ZOne
> Alarm) and winamp. With winamp Older version are sometimes more deisirable
> than newer.
> /"\ [---=== WSMF ----]
> \ /
> X ASCII Ribbon Campaign
> / \ Against HTML Mail

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