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Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 13:38:14 PST

Gordon Mohr writes:

> I wonder if this technique could scale up as a way for
> solar power satellites to beam electricity to terrestial
> switching stations.
> Or generally, to direct electricity from satellites to
> ground targets for consructive or destructive purposes.

I recommend to ask your friendly search engine for "rectenna". (A
rectifying antenna array on the ground, tracked by phased array of
solid-state microwave generators integrated into large-aperture planar
orbital photovoltaics arrays, preferably built and launched
extraterrestrially (from lunar material; using linear mass drivers and
aerobraking to circularize the orbits)).

Of course, having that much luminous hardware in the skies will
totally ruin the diurnal cycle, and will make the world look more than
a bit like an unfortunate mix of Waldo and Tesla.

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