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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 18:27:59 PST

Yeah, there's a real laundy list of features out there across all the
various implementations. Some even support various forms of
"transclusion" ala Nelson, which turns out to be tres interesante.
(? ;-) You should certainly check out the original Wiki:

also the related Portland Pattern Repository, part of the same effort

and for a glimpse of the future --- maybe, kinda --- check out the
VisualizeTheWiki stuff



"Joseph S. Barrera III" wrote:

> Wow! I've never played with Wiki before.
> Now I'm trying to figure out whether I want
> a Wiki server that handles embedded HTML or not...
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Jeff Bone []
> >
> > Get yourself a locally-accessible Wiki. Try:
> >
> >

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