RE: Winders software that you can't live without

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Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 03:32:47 PST

Damien Morton writes:

> W2K is actually good. Definately a hard act to follow for the opensource
> movement. Its not free, but it is good.

It's pretty good, apart from the fact that if it's broken, you can't
fix it. (And it's broken in a number of places). And you're not
allowed to modify it and give it to your friends.

And frankly, there are nuggets of yummy goodness buried inside such as
DES instead of 3DES, and "phone home option" and fed back doors and
you name it. I would give you a long list, but I have better things to
do with my time.

> Hardware-wise I couldnt live without a dual screen setup Frankly I
> dont know how I ever lived without it before.

Multiheaded operation is nothing very new.

> Outlook is a beast I have come to depend on - I could live with another

You're the first person I hear saying nice things about Outlook.

> IE simply is the best browser Im aware of - I could live with another

The web is very, very sick. Dying, actually. Welcome to the
Balcan. There are no "best" browsers around -- as they're all
fucked. This having said, I'm waiting for Opera 5.0 for Linux as well
as Mozilla 1.0.

Notice that of the list of software you can't live without the bulk is
available for OpenSource OSses.

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