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From: John Klassa (klassa@cisco.com)
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 12:25:53 PST

This was hastily assembled, so I take fully responsibility for errors or
omissions. About a half dozen of you asked for this summary, so I figured
I might as well post it to the list... My thanks to all who responded. I
had a goodly number of the recommendations already installed on my box,
but was delighted to find a couple of gems that I hadn't known about, and
which scratched some itches I'd had. :-)

Take care!


Loosely collating what I received, with the caveat that some folks said
"yeah, what he said, plus these" :-), here are the recommendations in
descending order of popularity (sorted within popularity by alphabet):

5 x winzip
4 x winamp
4 x emacs
4 x cygwin
2 x vim
2 x securecrt
2 x python
2 x perl
2 x outlook express
2 x opera
2 x notetab
2 x ghostscript
2 x acrobat
2 x 4nt
1 x zope
1 x zonealarm
1 x yats32 time synchronizer
1 x xml spy
1 x windows scripting host
1 x windows media player
1 x wincvs
1 x wiki
1 x webwasher
1 x w2k sp1
1 x vnc
1 x textpad
1 x staroffice
1 x realplayer
1 x radio
1 x quicktime
1 x putty
1 x powerdvd
1 x pgp
1 x office
1 x o2k sp1
1 x norton anti-virus
1 x newbinpro
1 x netscape 4.7x
1 x napster
1 x ms vac++ v6.0
1 x mks shell
1 x miktex
1 x mcafee virusscan
1 x lynx
1 x leechftp
1 x jdk
1 x irfanview
1 x internet maniac
1 x ie 5.5
1 x html-kit
1 x graphic workshop
1 x gimp
1 x ftp voyager
1 x ftp explorer
1 x front page express
1 x flask
1 x fineprint
1 x eudora
1 x dreamweaver
1 x digiguide
1 x c compiler
1 x bookmark sync
1 x atomica
1 x agent

Broken out by the person who recommended it (and with most of the
descriptions removed, except where they indicate what something is),
roughly in the order received:

Greg Bolcer winzip

Yangkun Zhang 4nt
                        atomica (www.atomica.com)
                        bookmark sync (www.syncit.com)

Jay Gooby digiguide (fantastic uk tv listings software)
                        outlook express
                        winzip (or freeware equivalent powerarchive)

Bill Stoddard cygwin32 toolkit
                        ms vac++ v6.0
                        windows media player (v7)

Chris Olds 4nt (from jasc, a better shell for dos)
                        c compiler
                        front page express
                        mks shell (also good; includes some unix tools)
                        pgp (nice email integration & systray applet)
                        python (including pythoncom & wxpython)
                        windows scripting host (javascript + components)

Dan Kohn adobe acrobat
                        ie 5.5
                        norton anti-virus
                        o2k sp1
                        outlook 2000 sp1
                        w2k sp1
                        xml spy

Joachim Feise fineprint
                        ftp voyager
                        graphic workshop
                        mcafee virusscan
                        netscape 4.7x
                        yats32 time synchronizer

Tom Whore dreamweaver
                        flask (turns dvds into cd-sized nuggets of goodness)
                        newbinpro (usenet fishing that is amazingly bountiful)
                        zonealarm (amazingly useful watchdog/mini firewall)

Rahul Dave cygnus win32 tools
                        gvim or vim
                        miktex (tex)
                        python with win32-com additions
                        radio (if you maintain a frontier weblog and such)
                        xemacs-win32 edition

Jeff Bone wiki (www.tinyted.net/eddie/wiki)

Udhay Shankar N agent (www.forteinc.com)
                        eudora (www.eudora.com)
                        ftp explorer (www.ftpx.com)
                        internet maniac (www.csee.usf.edu/~birla/)
                        irfanview (student.tuwien.ac.at/~e9227474)
                        notetab (www.notetab.com)
                        opera (www.opera.com)

James Tauber cygwin

Joshua D. Baugher putty (www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty)

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