Re: Palm software you cannot live without???

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From: Justin Mason (
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 05:18:11 PST

John Klassa said:

> Joseph> I missed the Palm software list. Was it FoRKed?
> The big ones were Datebk3 and Rally 1000 (Mike and I highly recommend the
> latter). :-) These days, I'd get iSilo, too. It's a neat utility for
> taking documents (including HTML off the web) and converting them into a
> format suitable for viewing on your Pilot. [..]

BTW Plucker, RSN, will be a good, and GPL'ed, competitor to iSilo and
AvantGo... it's just gone into its first non-beta release, 1.0. . Another recommendation: I'm pretty fond
of iRogue, too. ;)

My votes for Windows SWICLWO: cygwin, vim, perl, ssh-for-cygwin.

And I'm 100% with Rahul Dave on the KDE recommendation; Konqueror is an
amazingly solid web browser, and has been my daily browser of choice for
the last month or so. Only problem is, it's not too strong on javascript;
but the dev team seem to be very keen to get bugs fixed, which is nice.


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