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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 10:07:09 PST

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Charles Platt wrote:

--]Like most prescriptive opinion pieces, Dan Kohn's promotes a good idea but
--]doesn't suggest how we get there from here. Of course it's absurd for a
--]technologically sophisticated country to be using IBM punched cards to
--]record and count votes. But the US political system is known for its
--]archaisms and inertia. That's the real problem: The system itself, not an
--]isolated symptom. Any ideas on reforming that, Dan?

It could well be siad that the fouding papas of this shithouse decided to
build a perpetual monkey wrench into thier new gov. Having been busy
fighting one gov system for so long it seems they distrusted thier own
infants potential for damage as much as the grown monsters of rule.

So a little pasasge here a little paragraph there and what we have is a
system born never to get good enough at governing to become what the
founders feared.

Heck, how soon after the guns stopped was there a motion to crown
washington? Seems they had a point, though one I doubt was every clearly
voiced outside a table festooned with empty tankards.

--]Fortunately many US political candidates do exactly the opposite of what
--]they promise to do (I will not insult the intelligence of readers by
--]providing a long familiar list), and consequently, if the "wrong"
--]candidate in a two-party race is elected, maybe it's not such a

Its not so much that they do right wrong left or correct, its that they
do anything. Motion is the undesired result of an effective gov.

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