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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 15:10:54 PST

Well James went and done it.

I was trying not to fall into it, what with my bad spelling, blatant
disregard for formalisms of all kinmnds (in particularly the formalis
against fromalism) and wwf reffernces I was thinking to keep one shred of
decancy with you folks. ...But fuck it

GAMES. Can we tawlk here.

fuck alk, lets rumble

I lean towards the start Real time Strat games, being a child of Avaln
I love many and play them all to varing degrees of me. Current on the HD

Red Alert II - reds invade america, libyan demolition trucks Westwood++
AOEII (no expansion yet)- Great diplomacy, cool elephants
HomeWorld (and Cataclysm)-- one of the cloest things to Enders, a++
WarCraft II --always a blast
StarCraft -- sure it wcII with chrome, but its still fun

Expect for Homeworld all of these are basicly Build and Bludgeon.
AOE does go a little ways into diplomacy, but you can win without ever
having a tribute pass from or to your country. Homeworld gives you more
space and true , really true, 3d volumes to play with. anyone can pull off
a 2d pincher, try it in 3d with a moving fleet and warp tech. Not that

Then there is Diplomacy..the computer game is not all that great but so
long as your not playing against the computer its still Dip. Not to
mention , if you have the time, Dip over email, a long established
gamming system that still hold as one of the best full mind and mind fuck
games for the buck.

for first persons styule shooters...
Tribes (and soon tribes II) ..this is not just a run around and shoot at
anything that moves game like quake and unreal, this is hoinest to
goodness team play, with real skill sets and lots of differnt roles to
fill (enginer builds things, light infantry moves and snipes, theres your
walking tanks etc etc) Dont expect to play a bangers game, this actuly
requires some stratagey and team building

Rainbow Six (Covert ops, eagle Watch, etc etc) Now this is a thinking mans
shooter. You have to plan out the missions, arm up and then execute plans
like hostage rescues, snipping govermental officals and various other tom
clancy type things. One shot can kill, the slant is on realism, well as
real as a game can be and still sell.

If you do want to play a pure bangers game, Unreal Tournamnet is my fave.
Much love to ID but Unreal just rocks me more at this time.

Sim gamese

Rollercoaster Tychoon
The Sims
and thanks to heather, my 6year old) Sim Town:)-

Oh damn im rambling about games again. Ok before the open source jihaders
feel left out

Diplomacy , the judges are open sourced as far as I can tell.
NetTrek, I think this is os. It still rocks even though there are better.

IF oh yes IF Interactive Fiction now is packing my palm to the tune of 2
megs. Some great stuff with it and cross platform to the hhilt.

Karateka for the Apple II emu..Oh come on, admit it..this blew your socks
off once twice and every time there after.

Short shout outs to my new fave shoulder watching My bud joe playing
Balduer Gate II Amazing to see what i thought computer Assited D&D
would eventualy be, until we get full on simstim.

Boo Go For The Eyes.

Much love to the Mech 4 clans. Soon my 80 ton tootsie will be stomping on
yer head, i just have to get the wife to frys and slip it in the cart (its
not called whupped its called fiscal responsibility..well ok it might be
called whupped by fuck all my mad juarezing skills can do me onthis
account, i just want the manuals.)

Some of you guys ned to stop wanking on protocls and Java and the like and
make a truly mind numbing game. Games and porn, if you want to be a star
thats the two routes get busy and ill beta.

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      \ /
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