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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 17:05:57 PST

Hi Angel,
 I am assuming from my old email address that
you found the FoRK post entitled "Purple Hazing"
in the archives [1] where I mentioned former Irvine-ite
and USC Alumni Wayne Hamilton. Wayne was, of course, the former general
manager of hardware operations at Microsoft who made the
ActiMates Barney. Unfortunately, almost every single competent technical
person I had known at Microsoft has long since left for
greener pastures.

Depending on your requirements, I would suggest researching
other interactive toy manufacturers starting with Furby (Hasbro)
or Aibo (Sony), or even Beanie Babies (Ty, Inc.).

Sorry I can't be of more help & good luck with your search.



Angel High wrote:
> I am the Executive Assistant to C. Keith Odom, new
> author, illustrator and self-publisher of the
> children's book, Mervin the Purple Three-Toed Schmoo.
> We are searching for the RIGHT stuffed toy
> manufacturer to make our prototypes for the three main
> characters in the book. They are colorful, cuddly
> characters that we want to start a toy line with.
> The book was first published by Judy Wood Publishing
> (who has gone out of business), and received 5-star
> reviews on and Barnes& The book
> has been compared by many, to Dr. Seuss books.
> Newspaper and TV coverage have billed Mr. Odom as the
> "New Seuss". Not accurate. His words AND artwork
> are m u c h better than Seuss.
> Mr. Odom is just recently back in print under his own
> name: C. Keith Odom and Schmoo, Inc. We don't have a
> business address established as of yet but can be
> contacted through my personal email address OR my
> postal address: Angel O. High
> 6167 Mt. Olive Hwy.
> Mt. Olive NC 28365
> If interested in manufacturing our prototypes OR if
> you have any suggestions on what company or individual
> might be, please contact me.
> Sincerely,
> Angel O. High
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