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From: Joseph S. Barrera III (
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 07:04:55 PST

No, no, Bill. This is how to start a flame war:

"Tony, sure, you and the rest of you Europeans
(I guess on Tuesdays, the UK is part of Europe)
can be all prissy about guns, because if anything
bad happens and someone needs to do the shooting,
you know that the U.S. will show up and protect
you and shoot the bad guys for you."

Or this:

"You only think that way because you live in a
tiny cramped little country with no open space.
Out here, in the U.S., we have entire states
the size of your country that are filled with
nothing but cows and corn. And in those open
spaces, people use guns to shoot things that
need to be shot, instead of shooting each other,
which is what happens in cramped little places.
Sure, the urban folk agree with you, but luckily,
the U.S. hasn't yet turned into a big connected
urbanopolis with crowds and traffic and all the
rest of that garbage. Maybe that's what you
considered civilized. Well, in that case, maybe
guns don't belong in 'civilized' places, because
the people are too full of rage to handle a gun.
But then, I guess I'm glad I live in an
'uncivilized' place."

There are probably other tacks, but these should
do as a starter.

- Joe

Joseph S. Barrera III
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