Re: What, no Emergency Fabulizing in Seattle? !

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From: Mike Masnick (
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 17:49:11 PST

Okay. Don't ask me about the series of events that caused me to go out and
create this, but I couldn't resist:

Because, let's face it, what we need are more geeky girls, rather than more
hip urban dudes.

Feel free to send me your thoughts on how to improve the text. Of course,
just as I launched this I've noticed that Christie has updated her site.
Damn. I'm going to have to keep up.


At 08:28 AM 11/15/00 -0800, Rohit Khare wrote:
>Trippy, definitely visit the animated site. Needs a klaxon in the bgsound :-)
> -- thx to JeffBarr's blog...
>Cool chicks will take you shopping, pick out your clothes, and
>discuss the ins and outs of this city with you. What kinds of girls
>do you want to meet? What kind of music do you like? We'll guide you
>into the inner bowels of s.f. nightlife - we've been here for years
>and we know what's up, and we want to help you. There's a shortage of
>hip boys for urban chicks to date, so we're actively seeking to speed
>this painful process along.
>Here's the deal, you commit to spending seven hundred dollars of your
>money on clothes and shoes for yourself. You pay us three hundred
>dollars. We'll help you choose your look , find your scene, and
>develope your style. You'll have an insiders view of this city,
>boosted self confidence, and a great time with a girl you can
>question on the sly. Additional services include booking hair
>appointments, massage therapy, manicures,etc., and help with
>furniture shopping for your pad.
>Call Christie for an appointment
>(415) 861-6250
>Expect a nominal amount for cabs as well...See you on the streets.
>Christie has massaged techies in this city for over seven years. She
>has done nightlife photography and listings for three magazines and
>enjoys motorcycle riding .Her crew of shoppers are young, fabulous,
>and feirce. Come play with us!!!
>Drop a grand on your image, and pet the pelts of possibility!

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