It's baaaaaaaaccckk!

Rohit Khare ((no email))
Tue, 7 Oct 97 21:56:27 -0400

[Unfortunately, I spoke too soon in the passages below. FoRK is NOT available
yet because all mail destined for * is MX'd to the server, paris,
and doesn't go through to the individual machine, xent. I don't know how long
this might take to fix with support. For now, send posts to me and I'll, well,
repost them. Sorry.]

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, FoRK is back on the AIR!

OK, it IS still FoRK, so we can safely strike the 'ladies and gentlemen' bit...

Nevertheless, pest, now xent, has made it safely across the Nation to its
new perch at ICS. Unfortunately, it's headless (more below).

The new machine name is
(hey, Gerald, can you change to point to my new IP#?)
The new url is

My personal email address here is, soon to be

Now, then, the only obstacle left is that xent, a dual-headed HP 712/80
Snake is capable of driving twin 1280x1024 displays off of a VGA connector.
Unfortunately, we have a basement full of old UNIX color displays of various
brands, none of which will sync up with the HP Artist cards. Anyone who has
a lead on cheap (free?!) livable 17-21" displays will be a true FoRK :-)


PS. PhilipD, thanks! And I spied a pair of stray 32Mb HP simms in the
machine room... I have a home for them :-)