Re: I'm Seeking Desirable Network configuation

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 09 Oct 1997 20:29:01 -0700


I have a similar situation as you, with a SparcStation, two Macs and a
printer. So I have a small 10base-T network that I connect to my office
via ISDN with a bridge/router (a CiscoPro 753, which also has a POTS port
that we use for a FaxModem). It works well. I also know people who simply
use an ISDN "modem" to connect directly, since they only have one machine
to deal with at home.

The key issue is what's on the other end to ISDN into. If it's a router,
you can use a router at home. If you can arrange for what it is, you can
get two bridge/routers, and place one at the receiving end. This is what I
did, placing one at my office. If you have basically a terminal service to
dial into, you better check what they can support.


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