Home new home (plus I'll be in LA on the 11th)

Rohit Khare (khare@mci.net)
Thu, 09 Oct 1997 20:20:53 -0700

Well, I've found a place here. I was waffling about whether to wait a few
months to see if things would settle down (or blow up) at Apple, but I
decided a) things were as settled as they would ever be, and b) Steve Jobs
would make it a fun ride no matter what. There is also c) I could find
another job in the Valley if I had to.

I started looking Thursday afternoon, and quickly realized I'd have to
spend somewhat more than I'd originally planned. After driving around, I
realized that there were places near Apple which were as cost-effective as
anything further. I found a couple of places within walking distance that
I liked - just across the freeway - but I didn't feel any peace about them,
so I didn't do anything about them on Friday (places tend to move fast up
here, so if you like something you need to act quickly).

Friday evening I went for a walk around Apple. I started walking around
behind the restaurants across the street from Apple. It appeared mostly
office buildings, then I found a huge apartment, um, community. It was
more like a neighborhood, with a variety of 1- and 2-story buildings,
rather than a normal complex. Anyway, they had some nice options, so I
came back this afternoon to look around. [I got up early to watch Weird
Al then went back to sleep]. I found a 1-bedroom 700 sq foot ground floor
place on the side nearest Apple, 1/2-mile from my office, for a reasonable
(for San Jose) rent.

I signed the lease, paid the deposit, and I'll be moving in on October 25th
- precisely when my transitional housing runs out. God appears to have set
it up perfectly, despite my annoyance at his vetoing my first choice on
Thursday. This means my stuff will leave Pasadena around the 20th (with
the movers). I'll send out my address and phone when things are finalized
in a week or two.

I myself will be coming down to LA next weekend - Oct 10-12 - to make sure
everything is labeled properly for the movers to come down and pack, as
well as pick up a few items. I will be at the Warehouse service at Lake
Ave. Church, so I'll hopefully see many of you there, as well as at the
Radmacher wedding on Saturday.

Thanks for your prayers. I am still looking for a renter in Pasadena,
but I do have few leads. I am exploring churches now, but I hope to make
a commitment in the next week. Things are starting to come together at
work, as well.

God bless, and take care.

-- Ernie P.