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Rohit Khare (khare@w3.org)
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 18:46:38 -0400 (EDT)

[As usual, always stop to apply Ernie's Rules of Fire Safety --
no, not, stop, drop, and roll, but for dousing internet flamage,
always presume ignorance over malice. I can completely imagine the
flood of venom in their direction, and it's uncalled for... -RK]

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[This is a response to the article I forwarded at
http://www.spectacle.org/cs/xstop.html --Declan]

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Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 02:12:53 -0700
From: mike bradshaw <bradshaw@ldc.com>
To: declan@well.com
Subject: x-stop is trying Declan

We undertook the unique project at X-STOP to build this "LIBRARIAN"
product as a public service. If we took all the revenue from library
sales, we calculated that we were not spending our assets wisely to make
money, but it would be wise to invest some of our gain back into the
community. What we are attempting to provide is a middle ground for
local citizens and librarians to agree on "IF" the community or local
government forced blocking
into these sacred libraries that represent our first ammendment rights,
all could do so by addressing the Obscene only.

This was a "SIDE" project, dear to my heart, and with the best of
intentions. I offer you a complete day of freedom to enter the x2-search
array facilities and see for yourself that:

* We truly do have searching automated & "TRY" to block only Obscene

* You may view the entire list. We found that some early 1995 Virtual
Domains were blocked back then, before we even had a product, but were
collecting 1000 or so for early first postulations as to what some
common indicies might be to begin the task of building the Search Array.

* When the array was perfected we started from scratch to build a
library. Somewhere around Nov 95, (we discovered a week ago, as a result
of all this furor) some Virtual Domains were still in there. Long ago we
were the first Organization in the filter business to discover how to
block a site in one of these domains and not shut down the entire web
site. We were able to do this by using the complete url. Still today all
other filters, all, use some form of a word screener program to back up
their list.

* First you have RSAC,PICS,and safesurf. None of these are real programs
yet reporters mention them as parental solutions, a tragic situation.
They are useless without a program and all the exact url's and none have
such. When we post the new web page, The"LIBRARIAN" will be from those
old 95 problems. The "LIBRARIAN" will work for the libraries, and stick
to Obscenity. They must turn off the e-mail monitor, the foul word
typing monitor and the search engine monitor, leaving only the web
address blocker running.

* Next they must update daily (in 45 days we will release a add on
program called Unity, when installed it will update X-STOP every time
the pc goes onto the net or every 24 hrs. The Librarians need do nothing

* I can't begin to tell you how sad that day was for me, because I had
promised that we never blocked Gay / Lesbian, Political, Organizations,
etc. What the finder of these sites found was the broadest spectrum of
possible sites, from an innoscent Gay site to The Friends Church to
AAUW, to the ultra conservative think tank the "Heritage Foundation",
well there was others too. I have asked others this question "Doesn't it
make sense that there is no agenda in blocking this group of sites"

* I received over 200 e-mails that were worse by far than all the
others, they were the judge, jury and executioner, Just hatred and
venom. It doesn't matter but I wish someone would not put our group of
good employees, who are of every race, religion (or none), creed, sexual
preference, political leaning, etc. we all have a blast around the labs
and offices teasing about each others goofy ideas, but only in jest, we
are tolerent and kind to each other and try to be to everyone. I hope
these comments, if nothing else, will serve to beg your personal inquiry
about us and who we are. We make and sell things to adults and schools
and corps. because they are going to buy something, let it be honest and
block only what they ask, not with hidden agendas and the like.

Please feel free to call me at 1-888-786-7999. Mike Bradshaw, C.E.O.,
Log-On Data Corp.

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