John Walker's Hacker Diet

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 16:31:37 -0700

Rob cited an anti-MS screed by John Walker today. John is an ubergeek,
the founder of Autodesk. He eventually retired to Switzerland to focus
on nanotechnology. His site includes a vast array of liittel projects and
documents and hacker chic bumperstickers, etc.

This includes his book, the Hacker's Diet:

I found it very useful when I set out a few months ago. It really is
refreshing to hear from another engineer, although it's a little
simplistic at times (he has a chapter developing the notion of moving
averages). Basically a control theory approach.

Key facts I learned: 3,600 calories per lb of fat. 90 calories per shot
of Johnny Walker (no known relation :-) It's a mantra.

I just passed 45 lbs. This puts me, as I crowed earlier, within 17 lbs of
Adam, something I think I never would have ever imagined possible. Now,
it looks like Christmas, unless Michelle finally shapes him up.

I eat a lot. I learned that when I 'diet', I get *down* to my
recommended daily metabolic rate (2000-2300 cal/day). Most of the net
weight reduction is gym time. I aim for 1000 cal/visit, which has
recently fallen from 6-7/wk to 3-4/wk after moving West.

The good news is: most of the weight reduction is gym time. An hour on the
treadmill is 5 oz of fat. Period. So far, that's 45 * 3600 = 162,000 calories
And that's about how many visits to the gym I've put in over the last
four months. Another way to look at it is: 1k/day = 2lbs/week = 10lbs/month

it's 165 (not including heroin needles, I suppose). I'd be happy at 220,
which is merely redoubling as much as I've accomplished so far.

The dark side is that I still don't think I've made much *emotional*
headway with food. I keep food out of my environment, which controls
me indirectly. But, I still eat to have something to do; I eat to
completion, not to taste; and I eat by schedule over stomach. Most of
all, I'm a sucker for free food. I can't grasp where that comes from:
I always grew up in plenty, and still do, but somehow if it's pizza or
cookies or sandwiches, I always get greedy.

Oh well -- environmental control works, right? If it hurts, the doctor say
"don't do that!".

Not doin' it,
Rohit Khare