SCREAM: the hakon cometh..

Hakon Lie (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 12:32:57 +0200 (MET DST)

Rohit Khare writes:

> Today in HCI class, we screened some classic usability videos. The
> entire class was quite amused by the SCREen-bAsed-environment-
> for-navigating-voice-Messages -- which liberally used and adapted
> Edvard Munch's classic protrait (including on the chest of a t-shirt=

> worn by a researcher running into the camera looped backwards :-)

Rohit has stumbled across the remnants of a promising project that
died due to its authors stumbling across another promising project:
the Web. You'll find an article describing the first project from [1].


> The Norwegian telecom research authority produced a startling claim:=

> Munch's screamer was *female*.

Indeed. Male painters paint females. Unless they paint themselves, of
course. There must be statistics on this?

> Hakon, you simply *must* translate what one of those Norwegian voice=

> recordings was saying which was so amusing... :-)

I vaguely remember torturing my friend's kid in the basement to have
him utter child-like phrases. Obviously I succeeded.

> And, also, my friend, please don't make acronyms in public without c=
> me first: I thought CSS was bad... :-)

CSS shines when it enters the aural domain: Aural Cascading Style
Sheets, a.k.a. ACSS, pronouced "access".=20

Perhaps we should have called it GSS (pronounced "gas") to better
contrast DSSSL...?


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