Re: Bill Gates and Nuclear Weapons

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Thu, 23 Oct 1997 10:49:04 -0700

Ernest Prabhakar about 9:03 AM -0700 on 10/23/97, rang the bell of
illumination with this:

> Microsoft is a great competitor - let them compete! But let the rest of
>us compete, too. Or do you think we have not gained anything in
>innovation by breaking up AT&T?

On that front, no I don't. I remember when I got a phone for free, and my
phone bill was rarely over $20 bucks. Just for basic phone service I pay
$28.88 now. The difference between Ms and Bell telephone, is Bell Telephone
worked just fine. Ms products don't.


p.s. as a foot note, I was talking to the Intel guy at the recent DV show
in L.A. I was there with some big Apple guys, and they said something about
PPC etc. I spoke up and said, "there is absolutely nothing wrong with Intel
hardware, it's the OS that most people choose to run on it that is the
problem." At which the Intel guy started to get red. Then following that up
with this for the clueless Apple folks that still don't understand that
they have a OS that runs on Intel, "if everyone ran OpenStep the world
would be a better place." The Intel guy then said, "we have been told not
to voice an opinion in agreement or disagreement with anyone on the floor."


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