Think Different Kind of Company

Ernest Prabhakar (
Fri, 24 Oct 97 09:24:31 -0700

> You may be best-equipped to review this for FoRK

A fascinating story of how to create a powerful, distinctive brand
i an overcrowded market.

>>In early ads, prospective car buyers were made to feel that
Saturn and its employees would not design, build, or sell anything
less than a world-class car, simply because of who the people were.
The believability of the ads undoubtedly was transferred to the
implicit product claims. In contrast, a prime problem of most
product-oriented car advertising is the credibility gap spawned by
conflicting claims, all of which cannot be true. The resulting
judgment that some ads must be false or exaggerated casts a shadow
over all. Further, the simple fact that Saturn chose a very
different tack was helpful in breaking through the clutter of
automobile advertising.<<

It is almost too perfect. The fascinating part is that it fits my
philosophy on so many levels:
- I own a Saturn
- This is essentially the rationale of "Think Different" ads
- It even ties into the divinity of Christ issue

More amusingly, it reminds me of when Rohit and I were writing
cover letters to consulting firms, a similar advertising challenge.
My plan was to slight all those things everyone else would be
saying, in order to recast the problem in a completely different

Fascinating. One wonders what would happen if politicians started
doing campaign advertising like that...

-- Ernie P.