Nielsen's site is excellent; what about Dyson's book?

Dan Connolly (
Sat, 25 Oct 1997 04:05:48 -0500

I happened upon " Jakob Nielsen's Website"[1]
(by way of the W3C Stylesheets page[1]). I recommend it
highly. It realizes the design I have been attempting
for my own home page [is that a twisted dual form of
hero-workship or what?]: a massive, entertaining, informative
pile of credentials, displaying insight, style, taste,
innovation, and all-around excellence over an extended
period of time.


He writes "frames suck"[3]; I was more
subtle, and attacked their design from
a different angle: "A Criticism of NS Frames"[4].


He inspired me to re-design my home page[5].

(yes, Rohit, I'm making a pin-cushion.)

So... he recommends:

[6] Release 2.0 : A Design for Living in the Digital Age
by Esther Dyson

Anybody read it? Any chances of being institutionalized
in the ForkBooks list[7]?