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Joe Barrera (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 04:55:20 -0800

This is just the other shoe dropping. Remember, this is the same company
that tossed away Dave Cutler and crew.


- Joe

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Jesus, the guys at Digital must be so fucking stupid!

Patent cross licensing: sure, who cares, return to the status

But selling their fab, not capacity at it, the fab itself, takes
particularly short-sighted bunch of shitheads. They're going to
on Intel as a foundry? It doesn't matter what agreements and
contracts they have, Intel will kill Alpha dead. And quickly.

This is as if during the Cold War one superpower said to the
we'll sell you our nukes at a rock bottom price as long as you
sign a
treaty to rent them back to us in case of World War III.

Fucking dicks.

Extra cash today, generic box shifter tomorrow, rotting corpse
the day after.

-- R.