Re: [Fwd: Internet Companies Welcome Idea of Global Charter

Mike Masnick (
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 13:42:02 -0500

At 11:38 AM 10/31/97 +0000, Jay Thomas wrote:
>Sascha Ignjatovic wrote:
><major snippage>
>> dr.cerf is already working of the ip2-interplanetary internet protocol :-)
>> and this is no joke !
>IPIP? Has anyone else heard anything about this? I'm really curious as
>to what this constitutes. I've searched the RFCs to no avail. Rohit,
>you worked a lot closer with Vint than I did @ MCI; did he ever talk
>about this? Is John working on this as well? I'd be really curious to
>know what makes this protocol "interplanetary".

Page 92 of the latest Red Herring (November '97). I'd find the URL, but
for some reason my computer won't let me go to certain domains, and is one of the blacklisted ones (no, I don't have any blocking
software, or a firewall. yes, I'm confused by it).