Re: Levi Strauss to lay off 6,400 workers

Jay Thomas (
Tue, 04 Nov 1997 13:06:39 +0000

CobraBoy! wrote:

> Interesting... I wonder if people are wearing jeans less, or buying other
> brands?

Most of Levis advertising for the last 5 years has been geared to the
MTV crowd (what's with all this "super-huge baggy jeans showing your
boxers" shit?) who don't have *that* much disposable income, their
prices are exorbitant, and their quality has fallen in recent years. I
wear em because at my size, I've found one thing that fits - Levis
560, 42W 34L. If I found *anything* else that looked halfway decent on
me, I'd drop Levis (figuratively). I bought a pair in June that had a
hole in the crotch by September; for a product that got famous for its
ruggedness, thats not a long time to last.


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