Anagrams of Gregory Alan Bolcer

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Agelong Lycra rober
All Bran grocery ego
A long cerebral orgy
Arrogance'll be gory
Bacon allergy, Roger
Bangor Glory cereal
Barney Google R.R., Cal.
Barrel o' grey Calgon
Barry, collagen ogre
Beer gang corollary
Booger angry caller
Boolean legacy? Grrr
Borg celery granola
Brace Glengarry loo
Carolyn, egg laborer
Cerebrally a gorgon
Clearly rang goober
Clergy rob an Al Gore
Con Agra, belly-gorer
Congo barely larger
CORBA allergy? Goner!
Corn-barge allegory
Cornell garbage, Roy
Cry, Bangalore ogler
Early Cobol granger
Erol, Calgary bonger
Gargler o'er balcony
General Cobra-Glory
Glycerol bare organ
Go groan cerebrally
Golly gee, Baron Carr
Gory barnacle ogler
Grayer bangle color
Grr agreeably, colon!
Label Greg, "coronary"
Large boy. Larger con.
Large Lycra bongoer
Laryngeal Borg core
Long albacore, Gerry
Loo larceny bragger
Near global grocery
No beggary, caroller
Ogle Olga Cranberry
Orc, baloney gargler
Ornery local beggar
Rare bog roll agency
Real necrology brag
Reggae Bronco rally
Reno, baggy collarer
Rob George carnally
Roll Green Bay cargo
Yearlong carrel bog


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