Re: FoRK RC5 Team

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (
Tue, 4 Nov 1997 18:11:29 -0600

> I think you have entirely too much time on your hands. ;-)

Actually too many hands on my time, and I have to blow off occasionally.

Anagrams of Clover Hodgson:

Cher Osgood, L.V.N.
Chong, DOS lover
color'd VHS gone
condors love Hg
Congo holds Rev.
cons hold grove
corn dog hovels
Devo clogs horn
Don Clog-Shover
Dr. No hogs clove
Goldhorn's Cove
go on colder VHS
go over LSD, Cohn
govern clods? oh
he'd cog Vorlons
her cold Vogons
hog loved scorn
hogs loved corn
Long hoovers DC
lovesong chord
L.V.N., dog chooser
novel chords go
NRC shovel'd goo
Oh, Clover. Dongs!
Oh, no! DC grovels
old chevrons go
old Cosgrove, NH
Oregon VHS clod
oversold Chong
scold her, Vogon
shod long cover
shove DNRC logo