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Wed, 5 Nov 1997 04:40:01 -0800

*** TV station sets cybersex sting

With cyperporn and cybersex ranking as sensational news items on

local TV stations, Fox's Los Angeles outlet has taken the trend a

step further by ensnaring adult sexual predators. KTTV's Fox 11 News

at 10 worked with a 21-year-old woman posing as a 14-year-old to

conduct cybersting operations that led to the arrests of five men.

KTTV used the unnamed woman as bait, having her enter online chat

rooms where she was immediately targeted. The station filmed the

online seductions as well as the arrests of the men, <underline>who
included an

attorney, a doctor, a retired Army officer and an investigator for

the Dept. of Labor.</underline> See story at


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