Re: FoRKing from DECUS

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 05 Nov 1997 08:50:23 -0800

Okay, so maybe this isn't a computer science post, but as long
as we are talking about FoRKing. I used to live in Huntington Beach for
lots of years. Two of my friends worked as lifeguards for the city and
we used to trade lifeguard stories all the time. Their shifts changed
from time to time, but they were basically the top of the tenure ladder
so got their pick of rotations. Both of them used to lifeguard during
the OP Pro surfing championships where they got to sit and watch and
make sure the little surfing primadonnas didn't crack their skulls on the
pier, one of them also was on loan to the tv studio when they filmed
baywatch in HB and incidentally rescued Hasselhoff(?) while the crew was
filming the actor pretending to rescue someone else. These two guys used to
work zero tower on top of the pier a lot also. They would sit up there
and watch the other lifeguards to make sure they weren't chatting up
women or not watching the water or other things with these huge
battleship binoculars. When the sun started setting in the evening, it
shined into all the water facing rooms at the Waterfront Hilton and you
can only guess what was going on in all those romatically sunset filled
rooms. The hotel's phone system mapped to the room numbers which could
easily be figured out by counting the floors and rooms across. They used
to call at the appropriate times posing as the concierge asking them if
they needed any more ice and if everything was fine.

My conclusion? It is the wrong 'em, Boyer.


> At 3:55 PM -0800 11/4/97, JohnBoy wrote:
> >I'm inbetween demos at DECUS and Anaheim and just wanted to say Hi from the
> >last of the living-dead OS.
> >
> >Also, Thanh and I are getting kivked out of the hilton on wednesday. I was
> >wondering if any Forkers have suggestions on nice Orange County or LA
> >beachside or resort accomadations for thursday and friday.
> >See Ya,
> >John Boyer
> Try the Waterfront Hilton in Huntington Beach. It's right on Pacific Coast
> Highway and overlooks the beach.
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