Re: LA FoRKcon Friday 11/6?

CobraBoy! (
Thu, 6 Nov 1997 15:13:37 -0800

Rohit Khare about 2:46 PM -0800 on 11/6/97, stepped up to the plate and
let this one fly:

> In honor of John and Thanh Boyer visiting from Alabamuh, we decided to call a
> truce amongst the Northside and Citruside FoRKbangers and have a party --
> question is who, where, and how -- the when is this Friday night.
> One major vote is from Greg Bolcer, whose friend worked on the CGI for
> Starship Troopers. The classic LA do, especially is premiere night at the
> Chinese on Sunset with a large, rowdy troupe. Only challenge is tickets:
> need to be there as soon as an hour before. So I'd need a hard count of
> in. On the other hand, student tickets are $3 cheaper, but you have to be
> there in person, with ID.
> Otherwise, I'm leaning to LA kitsch. Citywalk, Universal? Or something down
> here in Anaheim? (where they're staying, as are CobraBoy, Clover, Greg, Jim,
> Roy, Blevin (?), myself and assorted others. Up north are Adam, Michelle,
> Mary, asst'd Techers. In the middle is Michael, Adam's old buddy from
> Westside.

Well I have no desire to see Starship Bloopers. As far as commuting up to
L.A. I have to be up there on Saturday, so I would rather take in what is
available in O.C. As far as Adam, I guess you didn't hear that the earth is
flat and he fell off the edge. So much for him...

So if it's in O.C. count me in.



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