Re: LA FoRKcon Friday 11/6?

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Thu, 6 Nov 1997 22:07:04 -0800

At 7:42 PM -0800 11/6/97, John Boyer wrote:

> Thanh and I will go anywhere and eat anything. This is your town so let us
> know..
> John

recommended list O.C.:

Belisle's Anaheim - ifin 'merican food and lots of it is your likin' this
can't be beat.
KiKi's Sushi HB - rock and roll attitude, great Sushi.
House of Brews HB - good food, great bar, pool tables. slightly upscale
crowd, but not yuppiville by any means.
La Capilla HB - the best Mexican food in the area. Killer drinks.

Those are to my tastes. Of course you have the NB scene with the Wolfgang
Pucks etc.

Movies are available at the Cinadome Anahiem (one of the originals) and the
Irvine Speculum (Spectrum)



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