New Developments

Ron Resnick (
Sun, 09 Nov 1997 20:01:55 +0200

I sent this out on dist-obj yesterday... in the spirit of Ernie's FoRKposts
about his new Apple job, and Rohit's transcontinental migration to UCI, I
figured I
could spam FoRKers with my news as well :-).

So does my new job put me in the running to challenge Rohit's Travelman
status? I'm figuring a schedule of about 3 weeks in Israel/2 weeks in the
States, meaning about 10 transatlantic round trips per year, plus internal
travel within the US. This is absolutely insane. I'll be lucky if I last a
doing this. Negotiations continue with Riva to relocate the family back
to the 'proper' side of the Atlantic...

Oh yeah - a side note - the trip I took to Cinci was routed through
Frankfurt. Just a few hours in the airport each way. Didn't have any
odd feelings though, unlike that train trip through Hamburg 10 years ago
that I mentioned in the 'Attitudes to Germans' post. Maybe I'm just
older and don't give a shit about things anymore, maybe it's because
airports are so impersonal and bland they don't make you feel anything.
Somehow a train rolling over German stock was a much more emotional
experience than the waiting lounge at FRA, with its sushi bar and McDonalds.


>Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 09:44:48 +0200
>From: "R. Resnick" <>
>Subject: New Developments
>Those of you who know Bob Marcus and/or are on his CJava list probably got
>message from him recently:
>>Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 17:56:56 -0500 (EST)
>>From: Bob Marcus <>
>>Subject: New Developments
>> New Position
>> I am pleased to announce that I have accepted the position of Director of
>>Technology Transformation and Deployment at the General Motors Corporation.
>>GM is embarked on a very exciting information technology transition.For
>>more details see the article at
>So I figured - hey- if Bob can use his tech list to make personal
>maybe I'll do so too, just this once (and note that I'm sending this to
>the noarchive address).
>Besides, as Nelson Minar just wrote to me:
>>Wow, congratulations! Are you staying in Haifa? I can't wait to hear
>>about the new job.
>So I know that at least one of you out there is interested in my news - I
>hope I don't unduly irritate the rest of you :).
>I'm very excited to announce that I've accepted a postion with DiaLogos
>Incorporated (,
>and have submitted my resignation to IBM. I will begin
>my new position with DiaLogos in mid-Dec. DiaLogos is a small startup
>company, based in Cincinnati, specializing in distributed object
>and particularly in CORBA and Java. There are 2 DiaLogos people
>here on this list, which is how I first learned of the company, and
>how they learned of me. This 'net thing really does work, doesn't it?
>Anyway, my new duties with DiaLogos will be to develop and deliver
>courses on advanced distributed object architecture & design, and to
>write and publish white papers and articles on leading edge dist-obj
>ideas. Needless to say, I expect that a considerable part of the material
>I'll want to cover in the courses & papers will emerge from the many
>interesting discussions we've had on this list.
>That's why this is kind of a dream job for me. I get to finally move my
>'nightjob' into my full-time dayjob, and not feel guilty for surfing the web,
>looking for cool stuff that people are doing, musing on it, writing about
>it. My
>dist-obj lifestyle is about to go professional. I've often thought of going
>to school to do a PhD, although at the same time I know that I love working
>in industry, being close to the production side of software. I'm hoping that
>this job will give me the best of both worlds. On the one hand, I can
>develop and teach an advanced course
>(by 'advanced' I'm sort of thinking grad.level material, as opposed to CORBA
>intro. material), and read & research & attend conferences & write papers.
>Gee - sounds just like a university job! On the other hand - I'm in industry,
>working with & interacting with professional software folks.
>The other nice thing was
>that since my new employers have already been exposed to all my
>dark secrets by being list members, I don't have to hide my ugly truths
>from them (gasp! He doesn't believe in CORBA!), but can really be myself
>for once. They "get" me, which was very important to me in making this
>decision. I was in Cincinnati a few weeks ago to formalize things with
>them, and had a blast. They're very serious and professional
>about their business, but were very friendly and hospitable - the
>same kind of no-barrier, inclusive atmosphere we've tried to foster here on
>this list.
>It's going to be difficult, I have no illusions about that. To answer
>question, yes, we are staying in Israel. Riva - my wife- is adamant on that
>point. I'll work from home about half the time, developing courses, writing
>papers. And I'll be travelling extensively to the US as well. As many of you
>know, we have 2 young children, and are expecting our third in late Feb.
>Are we nuts? Probably. But I'm certain that I'm doing the right thing. I want
>to get back into the dist.object mainstream, and I've never had an
>this good presented to me. I'm really excited about the idea of packaging
>some good ideas we've discussed here (don't worry - the sane ones, not the
>totally looney ones :-) into a course, and being able to share this passion
>for neat technology and its relevance and importance with the developers
>and architects who are building many of today's software infrastructures.
>A quick word on IBM. This announcement
>shouldn't be interpreted in any way as disapproval of IBM. In the slightly
>less than a year that I was at IBM, I had the privelege to work with many
>bright and talented people, both here at the Haifa Research Lab, and
>IBMers from abroad. I continue to believe that if any of our visions of
>massive distributed objects will ever be realized, it will be because large
>companies like IBM commit the resources needed to develop the infrastructures
>and services necessary. Of course, I also believe that this is not enough -
>that successfully changing the social culture needed for egalitarian object
>computing is better attempted in small upstart companies. At this point
>in my career, I guess I'm ready to move away from big companies (6 years
>Nortel, 1 year IBM) and into a much *MUCH* smaller organization. Big
>fish in a small pond, and all that.
>So anyway, I'll quit here before I really wear out my special license to
>pretend that this is still the FoRR of old :). Please
>don't flame me too hard- I promise not to abuse this tech list like this
>IBM employee till Dec 14, soon to be DiaLogos employee.