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Nov. 9, 1997

Man held in online sex case

CRIME: Teen-age victims were allegedly lured via the

The Orange County Register

HUNTINGTON BEACH - Police arrested a man Saturday
who they say
had sex with teen- age boys after luring them to
his home via the Internet.

James Lorincz, 32, was jailed on suspicion of
engaging in oral copulation
with an undetermined number of boys at his Pompano
Lane home, said
Huntington Beach police Lt. Jon Arnold.

Police were alerted to Lorincz by numerous teens
who accused Lorincz of
molesting them, said Lt. Gary Brooks.

``Some of these boys were seduced or coerced into
sexual acts,'' Brooks

Young men driving flashy sports cars often visited
Lorincz's home, said
neighbor Richard Meyer. ``I've never seen any kids
there,'' Meyer said,
``just a lot of young people in sports cars in
their late teens and early 20s.''

Meyer recalled that Lorincz, who owns a
video-distribution company
called Event Video, converted part of his
three-car garage into a
``computer room of some type.''

Detectives with Huntington Beach's Crimes Against
Persons detail and
agents with the U.S. Department of Justice
searched Lorincz's home early
Saturday and seized 62 videocassette recorders
containing tapes, Arnold
said. Detectives were reviewing the tapes for
incriminating evidence late
Saturday and did not reveal their contents.

Huntington Beach police have a special unit that
tracks suspected online
pedophiles. In the past year, that team has
arrested two men accused of
being sexual predators. One man traveled to
Huntington Beach from
Pennsylvania and allegedly arranged a meeting for
sex with a 12-year- old
boy. Another man was arrested on suspicion of
distributing child


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