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These programs are provided by Apple to Rhapsody developers to provide them
with more standard tools.

Packages are named <software>-<version>-<internal_version>.tgz. Source packages
include -source after the internal version. Most packages include fat binaries
that will run on both Power Macintosh and Intel versions of Rhapsody. Those
that are not include the architecture in the name (eg. -ppc or -i386) after
internal version.

To install a package:

gnutar xzvf <package>.tgz
installer.sh <package>.pkg

You may then wish to delete the .tgz archive and the .pkg bundle.

Please note that Rhapsody tech support does not support these packages, as they
are not part of the Developer Release. But source code is included here so that
you may attempt to address any problems directly.

If you find that you need to change the source in order to solve a problem, you
may want to discuss it on rhapsody-dev@omnigroup.com. If you post a patch file
when done, we might be able to include it in the package. Complete patches will
eventually be sent directly to the original providers of the software.

Most packages are modified only slightly from the original source. All are
wrapped by a set of Makefiles that configure and install them in the
appropriate locations for Rhapsody. When building, cd to the top of the
source tree and run make. Some useful targets are:

configure - run GNU configure script
build - compile
install - install
package - make installer package

Not that builds by default happen in /tmp, not in the source tree, and install
installs into /tmp. To install on your system, make "package" and install the
package with installer.sh. You should not need write access to the source
tree in order to build a package.

We hope this is useful, and that you enjoy Rhapsody development as much as
we do.

Rhapsody Core OS


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