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Rohit Khare (
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 18:24:51 -0800

> I agree, "Thousands" is probably correct, just ask any Hindu or Bahai how
> many ways are there to their respective enlightenments. Rohit, you care to
> comment?
> JB

Thousands, but also one. There isn't anything too multiplicitous about the
Hinduism I know. It's like a bifurcating tree; every time you look at a
principle, it branches into two concepts and two dieties: creation and
destruction, but really they are twins. They are all derived as eigenvectors
of Bhrama.

That said, I think if there were any other religions besides Rohitism, the
best control hypothesis would be kync -- keep your nose clean. Do right by the
game theory -- preturb it a little to believe in timless responsiblity rather
than playing it as a game to exploit the finite span of your own life -- and
then abide by the rules you create. You'll find convergence, non interference,
and pretty much leave people alone -- the kinds of privacy which lead to
capitalism. That is to say, in circular form, that there is more observed need
for politics than for piousness. Others may believe that politics is rooted in
morality, but the transactions between people are in language and in goods,
not in souls.

Rohit Koan