FindMail Archive of FoRK

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 03:07:03 -0800

> Cool. I put it in the group
> Wide Web/ for now.
> Carl

Hmmm... I really wish I could make a stronger case for keeping it out of
"computers", but I understand. FoRK's closest kin on the FindMail roster is
indeed Red Rock Eaters, the lone news list at this point.

Still hope that someday we'll find enough such lists to justify a top-level
for "electronic communities" (e.g. alumni lists, diaries -- local/regional
lists would be a subcategory). The Yahoo category would be Society and
Culture:Cyberculture:MailingLists or Entertainment:People:Groups though.

How can I arrange to have the description I sent used as the description of
FoRK in the FindMail description?

How can I arrange to upload the existing archives?

[these questions were answered in the page you get after submitting the list
form, but that page went away when I went 'back' to it. ]