the Ad *I* want to see..

CobraBoy! (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 07:55:27 -0800

So I'm going to weigh in here with my take on the Think Different ad's. For
the most part I don't like them. I like the campaign, as far as selling
computers goes it isn't anywhere near the Compaq ads, but it is heads and
tails better than anything Apple did before, and certainly blows the
stupid, Where do you want to go today?

huh? I guess the answer is "home, if this stupid Word doc would
print/save/stop crashing my machine."

Anyway I digress, the problem with the Think Different ad's is they totally
lack sex appeal. Which as we all know sells anything. Looking at a
billboard of Ghandi makes me want to puke. I'm sorry. It's sickening. Yeah,
yeah he was a great man, that isn't the point. Let's review a recent .sig
of mine.

The eyes are the whores of the senses,
they'll go to anything. ...Keith Richards

And my ho's don't want to see a 85 pound man.

So what do I offer? Well unfortunately I can't claim credit for this. BUT
if Apple/Chait had a clue, they could rack up some serious bonus points
with this plastered all over.

scroll to the middle of the page.



Nobody really cared if Apple tanked it,
but now if Apple tanks it, it also tanks NeXT,
and we're going to do everything in our power
to make sure that doesn't happen. ... anonymous NeXT employee

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