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At 5:39 PM -0800 11/11/97, CobraBoy! wrote:
>> It's not an adversarial style. I've discovered there are really some
>>outstanding people at Apple. I've
>> also discovered there are some who have not been outstanding. And I've
>>been trying to move the ones
>> that are not so outstanding out of the way and move the ones that are
>>outstanding into key jobs. So some
>> of the people who have been moved out of the way are going to say
>>terrible things about me, probably,
>> but that goes with the territory.

<quote>Q: How is the relationship with Microsoft going?

A: Surprisingly well. It's worked better than I'd ever hoped. We announced
the relationship in August and a lot of their software will be shipping in
January. It's wonderful. We just got a preview of the new Mac Office for
98, and it's dynamite. It's better than the Windows version.</quote>

Awesome interface, I agree, but I hope the beta he saw was more functional
than the one I peeked at.

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