RE: It's Bedlam at Microsoft

Joe Barrera (
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 11:39:13 -0800

What an idiot.

He's just pissed off because MS employees don't get all wet when a reporter
calls up.

He has no idea how communications between MS employees (or MS employees and
other work-related people) work. How could he? He's not in the loop. He's
presenting an outsider's view as reality from the inside.

Yes, it's true, mail gets triaged, voice mail especially so, and especially
from random outsiders like reporters.

It's NOT because of vanity, it IS because all (or many) of us are working
like maniacs (ok, some of us ARE maniacs :-)

Again... read "Showstopper!" to get a clue of what ship mode is like. MS
employees barely have time to see their own spouses and children, much less
talk to random people for an hour or two.

Driving into work this morning I thought once again that I need to get an
account or something to pay bills and move money around because I just don't
have the time anymore. Money, I have, but not time.

This post is probably not internally consistent. Sorry...

- Joe

PS. Hi Ron, yes I'm doing fine... is the Ron Resnick Mutual Fund a no-load?
PS. Thanks Gordon for your investment email!!!
PS. No offense to any reporter-types out there...

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