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Wed, 12 Nov 1997 13:13:14 -0800

At 11:06 AM -0800 11/12/97, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

> > B of A sucks. They suck suck suck suck suck.


> > I really don't like B of A.
> I hate them more than you.

doubt it.

Here is my B of A experience.

I had a Toyota 4wd Truck financed by them. Ever 6 months Allstate insurance
issues you a new policy. They also send out a notice saying your old policy
is no longer in use. It's probably because of some old main frame.
Regardless, every 6 months B of A would upon receiving notice of this issue
me a $5000 per year "insurance coverage" policy tacked on to my car
payment. Then they wouldn't let me pay my regular payment because "they
don't accept partial payments." So by the time I would call, then have my
agent send a letter, I would be one to two payments behind. And I would
have these Iranian bitches calling me at all hours screaming at me to make
a payment. Then I would have to call and get the late payments off my TRW
after writing a letter explaining all this to them.

This went on for 4 years.



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