RE: TBTF for 11/10/97: Blum Blum Shub

Robert S. Thau (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 10:33:06 -0500 (EST)

Robert Harley writes:
> Linux kernel 2.1.63 has this fixed.
> How long 'til the dinosaurs catch up on the nimble mammals?

Bear in mind that the mammals have a pre-release, alpha-version fix
which has been released for testing by interested developers so they
can see if there are any glitches --- and in fact, glitches have been
found. While the 2.1.63 version of the fix apparently works on
uniprocessors, it's flaky at best on SMP machines; for those, the
current best advice is to try an extra patch on top of it, which is
some pre-2.1.64-type thing.

So, crowing about this is a bit premature. If there's a 2.0.32
release (i.e., a new kernel release in the "supposedly stable" series)
before Microsoft has anything for NT, then we can crow.

In the meantime, sit tight. They're working on it...