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Sat, 15 Nov 1997 17:38:29 -0800

At 3:58 PM -0800 11/15/97, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

> Whatever happened to our RC-64 team? What was our final name?

The Final name is FoRKBusters. It was registered last week, but I haven't
been able to get back to the Stats (they have been down all week) to get it
set up. According to their FAQ you can run the software all you want, and
when you sign up for the team it will transfer your completed keys to the

> I downloaded the client and started one running on our 4-processor
> (measley) 64 meg sun4/490 and it does about 38k keys per second per processor
> (or about 152k combined for those of you without calculators),
> and it's been running for about 7 days now. My own machine
> which I donate time when I am not on it (because I have to run
> several different flavors of http servers on it including Enterprise,
> Blaxxun, and JavaServer) does about 400k keys per second and I left it
> running for 4 days once, it did about .1728 trillion keys. I have
> this great sense of accomplishment, but somehow haven't accomplished
> anything.

Oh sure you have Greg.

I checked this morning and they said a few more days. I'll let everyone
know when it running. In the mean time don't not run the client, as I said
earlier you should be able to transfer all that over to FoRKBusters.



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