Re: FoRKBusters is up.

Daniel M. Zimmerman (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 00:45:20 -0800

At 19.22 -0800 97-11-16, CobraBoy! wrote:
>If someone could join and maybe explain to me how we get credit for each
>user I'd appreciate it. I'm a little confused. The only thing I see listed
>is the e-mail of me the contact name, which is ""

Pretty simple - basically, people run the RC5 clients under their
individual email addresses. Then, to join a team, they must a) have a
password mailed to them, which is done using a little button on the status
page for their e-mail address, and b) use the password to join the team.
Currently, one can only join teams by number - FoRKBusters is #1146, and
nobody has joined it yet.

For an example of what one can do w/r/t RC5 if one puts one's mind to it,
check out team #87 ("The Army of Light"), currently ranked #44, and the
e-mail address "", currently ranked #18. :)


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