*** Swiss took looted German gold in 1945 -- document

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Switzerland continued receiving tons of looted Nazi gold after
promising Allies it would stop, according to a 1945 document from the
top secret Ultra project that cracked the Nazi Enigma code machine.
World Jewish Congress researchers made the document public Friday,
saying it was discovered by a senior historian while researching
another matter. In the document a top Reichsbank official sent a
dispatch to Berlin in March 1945 saying he had convinced the Swiss to
accept three tons of gold worth $4 million a month after the Swiss
promised to block German assets in their country. See
Albright aims to coax Swiss in Nazi gold row, See
Eizenstat hopes to end U.S. boycotts of Swiss banks, See

I post this only because no body bothers to point out that the head of
Swiss Bank at the time was an American, who became the first guy to run the
C.I.A. and later president of Chase Manhatten Bank.

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