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(Brian and I went there for undergraduate, way back in the dark ages, when
Unix was still new, exotic and happening)

- Joe

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Subject: ACM Regional Programming Contest Results

Sigh.... going oiut raving with Jim until 4AM wasn;t nearly as
dleterious to
my final performance (horrifyingly bad) as it was skipping the
warmup to do an
interview on compuserve for an audience of ONE.

Congrats to my teammates Adam Bonner and Hakan Youndes for pulling
the fat out
of the fire. And on the other hand, even if I had gotten my code
working at
the end, we'd have four problems but still be in fifth (it keys off
of the
time used, too).


PS. It's the SoCal regional only -- from Hawaii to LV.

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Subject: ACM programming contest results
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 06:51:29 -0800
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Saturday three teams from UCI competed in the Western US
ACM Collegiate Programming contest.

Teams of three compete for 5 hours to solve 6 word problems
requiring students to write programs to solve problems from
a wide range of areas including physics, business, languages,
and math.

There were 40 teams and awards were given to the top 6 teams:

1) Harvy Mudd 1: 5 problems
2) Cal Tech 2: 4 problems
3) UCLA Blue: 4 problems
4) Cal Tech 1: 4 problems
5) UCI Blue: 3 problems
6) Harvy Mudd 2: 3 problems

Harvy Mudd 1 won the international competition last year and had
retained two students so they were very strong solving their
problem in 18 minutes. The next team to solve one problem took
about 1.5 hours.

UCI team members include:

UCI Blue: Rohit Khare, Hakan Younes, and Adam Bonner
UCI Green: Ian Abasolo, Phuc "Paul" Nguyen, and Stanford Ng
UCI Red: Vu Truong, Kazuo Omori, and Christina Nguyen
Alternates: Vincent Nguyen and Jaturaphon "Ohm" Phumiwasana

I am very proud of our teams they all worked very hard. For
of you who don't know Vu Truong, he is a Senior Bio major who
applied to Medical school yet he found time to practice and
with us. Thanks Vu and I hope you make it.

Ray Klefstad

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