Re: NT and Unix Server Siege

John Feiler (
Tue, 18 Nov 97 13:19:31 -0800

The new Apple store doesn't use ant technology from Power -- It's built
entirely with WebObjects.


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> Hmm... Apple seems to have stopped using WebStar on

> many of its websites. According to

> Netcraft's Web Server Survey webpage

> (


> is running Netscape-Enterprise/3.0

> is running Netscape-Enterprise/2.01.

> is running Netscape-Commerce/1.12

> is running Netscape-Commerce/1.12.

I saw an explanation for that fly by (internesia strikes)... when Apple

opened for business using the configure/buy stuff developed at Power

Computing they had to move to Unix for a bunch of their servers, because

Power had built the solution with some commerce package that doesn't run

under MacOS.


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