Re: RC5-64 FoRKBusters

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 15:38:58 -0800

> BTW FoRKers we are currently 590th place.
Yes!!! We have moved up from 602ths!! 8-)

> Ok your a genius. Please give me a step by step on how you did this.
> I've ran over 41 billion keys and I still don't show up doing a e-mail search.
> So for the rest of us, let us know what it takes to join.

These are the details, some probably uneccessary, but I've included them
as I thought the whole team joining process was a little confusing also.

They were having trouble with the stats server and they said
they haven't lost any keys, it may just take up to a day to
get everything wrinkled out.

I went to, How to Help, Team Listings

Under Search for Team, I type in FoRK which returned the
listing for the team FoRKBusters.

590 FoRKBusters 5322 27 days 19-Nov 590.53

Visiting the page, you find out that it is team number 1146.

I then went back to the Team listing page again
and under Search for email: I typed gbolcer.

This page returned my stats for all keys listed under my email.
Originally when I did this, nothing had shown up and I found out
that they had been having some trouble with key collections.
Once it did show up, however, I clicked on the link
'' which was actually a link off to another
web page for my personal stats and not to send me mail as it appeared
it might do if you clicked on it.

10508 363 2 days 19-Nov 375.93

Once clicking on that link, at the bottom of that page
there is a link that says, 'Send Me My Password'. This
will send you an email with the contents:

Your Email RC5-64 Password is: xxxxxxxx

After getting the email, I went back to the project home page,
clicked on the Team mini-FAQ

There is tells you to go back to your stats page
and there should be a place at the bottom to allow you to
enter your password at the bottom.

Password: __________ Edit Participant Information

This then will take you to a screen that allows
you to edit your participant configuration. You have to
put '1146' into the team id field and then hit the join button.
Next time you visit, you will be able to see your team affiliation.