Scientific American profile on TB-L

Jay Thomas (
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 09:52:27 +0000

This months Sciam has a profile on Tim Berners-Lee (p.34 hardcopy). for e-version. Page 36
has a group photo of a Rohit-less W3C staff. Notice how dejected they
all appear.

Molding the Web

Its inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, says the World Wide Web hasn't nearly
reached its potential

The intense Tim Berners-Lee abruptly rolls his chair away from the
central table in his bare corner office over to two huge computer
screens and starts typing as fast as he is speaking--for the listener,
it is akin to a thick hailstorm hitting. The inventor of the World
Wide Web is about to demonstrate how he first envisioned his creation
and, by
extension, how it has not lived up to his expectations.