Be a part of history!

CobraBoy (
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 11:53:03 -0800

And check your FPU performance at the same time!

We have orginized a team to help in the RC5-64 encription cracking. And I
have designed a neat-o logo page, viewable at

What we need is more team members. Use your computer for something
worthwhile when your not playing the latest game.... :-)

Simply go to and get a client. You can get them
for most platforms, Mac, Linux, Solaris, and yes even WinNT/95.

Install and run the client. After you run a number of blocks it will upload
them to an account listed with your e-mail address. In a day or so when
their servers update you will go back and do a search for your e-mail
address. Then you will request your very own password to be assigned to
you. When you receive that you will join team # 1146, that is us
FoRKBusters. You can run the client off line at night when your not at work
and upload (they call it "Flush", in the Mac client) in the morning.

Should you be the lucky enough geek to crack this you will get world wide
press. Maybe your 15 minutes or maybe not depending on what else you do
with your life, regardless those of us that created the team would like
your help.



P.S. My little 8600/NewerG3 is getting around 736 KKeyes per second.

P.P.S. Invite anyone else to join FoRKBusters! We don't discriminate!


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