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I saw these guys a a local high school gym believe it or not as a warm up
for one of their American tours, and last week on VH-1 live from the Hard
Rock show. They really rocked.

Too bad.
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-> Subject: INXS lead singer found dead
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-> LONDON, Nov. 22 (UPI) -- Rock star Michael Hutchence, lead
singer for
-> the Australian rock band INXS, has reportedly been found dead in a hotel
-> in Sydney, Australia.
-> Reports today say the 37-year-old singer was found hanged in his
-> at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Double Bay. Police have not confirmed the
-> singer's death.
-> A large crowd gathered outside the hotel as Australian
television and
-> radio stations broadcast the news of the star's death.
-> The six-member band INXS (pronounced ``in excess'') was formed in
-> 1977, when Hutchence teamed up with Andrew, Jon and Tim Farriss. Their
-> danceable funk-rock fusion -- and Hutchence's charisma -- shot them to
-> international stardom by the mid-1980s.
-> The group's career 20 million record sales fell off in the
1990s, but
-> they sold out London's Wembley Stadium in 1991 and hit the charts again
-> with their current album, ``Elegantly Wasted.''
-> A BBC report says Hutchence planned to marry girlfriend Paula Yates
-> in Tahiti in January.
-> Yates and Hutchence have a baby daughter together, and Yates has
-> three children by a previous marriage to rocker Bob Gedolf, organizer of
-> the Live Aid charity concert.
-> The report says the couple was thinking of buying a $2 million
-> mansion overlooking the Sydney Opera House. Hutchence is quoted as
-> telling reporters recently: ``I'm the luckiest man alive.''

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