Re: Top of the charts-- The best-selling software

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Sun, 23 Nov 1997 08:33:25 -0800

> Games
> 1. Myst, by Broderbund Software

Own it. Never finished it. Riven has some cool screen shots.

> 2. Diablo, by Blizzard Entertainment
Own it, play it, have put about 1000 hours into this game.

> 3. Command & Conquer: Red Alert, by Virgin Interactive
Own it, love it, have put about 10 hours into this game, but
is now intentionnally lent out to a friend so as not to get in
the way of my thesis writing.

I think I played this in '82 when I got my first PC.

> 5. Monopoly, by Hasbro Interactive
Monopoly is more fun with people and being able to count out stacks of
play money. They also make Scrabble, I love that game, but the computer
cheats. Their tile-word engine is great for doing the NY Times
crossword, but of course who's got time to do crosswords.

> 6. NASCAR Racing 2, by Sierra On-Line
Heard a lot about this, I refuse to buy YACRG.

> 7. Dungeon Keeper, by Electronic Arts
Own it, fascinated by it, have only played about 30 minutes of it,
but I am hooked. Lucky I don't own a PC or else I would never get
any thesis writing done.

> 8. Tomb Raider, by Eidos Interactive
Downloaded the demo, seriously disappointed in the graphics and interactivity.
What is it people see in this game other than a cute butt?

> 9. Links LS 1998 Edition, by Access Software
Someone gave me Microsoft Golf '95 which runs under my SoftWindows for Irix
emulator, I played about 7 or 8 holes and had a mildly enjoyable reaction
to the game, but like car racing, said I would never buy YAGG.

> 10. Warcraft Battle Chest, by Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft I is unplayable, Warcraft II and the expansion disk are the best, so
the discount is that you get War1 for free. You can play 8 players in War2
which is a huge benefit. I've wasted about 300 hours playing War2, 80%
of the time with 3 or more players against some number of computers.


p.s. I would feel remiss by not mentioning Populous was one of my all time
favorite games as an undergrad.